Mindfulness: Express Happiness and Sadness In Equal Measures

It is always good to keep oneself happy, but should be for the sake of showing others. It’s like a shining house with dirty interiors. We have become too much dependent on outer pleasures that we have to show them even if they are not. Inconvenience, crisis and sorrow are separate, yet they are closely associated with our lives. They should not be treated as strangers.

Once a big businessman went to see a psychiatrist. He said, “I am not able to feel happy despite having everything. There is always the fear of losing everything.” The psychiatrist asked, “Are you able to show that you are sad?” The businessman replied, “No, I have a reputation in society. I have to show myself happy in every situation.” The experienced psychiatrist explained, “This is all external. It doesn’t make any sense to look happy if you’re not.”

Japan is doing a beautiful experiment. People are so much lost in science and technology that they have forgotten how to express their feelings, so they are asked to practice crying. Good news is that our society has not reached to that level but we are heading there. So beware of the mask of you have put on. If you are happy then say it, if you are sad then don’t hesitate to express it too!