Changing weather and the much-awaited end of school exams are perhaps the two deciding parameters marking the holiday season in India. Summer vacations are that time of the year when most Indians are out in trains, planes and buses, ready to enjoy a holiday and forget about the monotonous daily life. If you too are thinking of the best travel destinations to take your family to this year, let me lend a helping hand. Spread across the sub-continent, here are the top 5 destinations for a promising summer holiday.

1. Manali

Call it a cliché but making a snowman and posing with it is a must-do in snow-capped hill stations. An excellent way to beat the heat and enjoy family time too, snow remains one of the best choices this summer. And Rohtang in Himachal has plenty of it. This holiday season enjoy adventure sports in Manali, ice-skiing in Rohtang and submit yourself to the lush beauty of the valley in Kullu.

2. Rishikesh

Known as the yoga capital of the country, the holy town of Rishikesh offers relaxation to adults and some thrilling adventure sports to kids. Trying out bungee jumping and rafting here and pamper yourself with spa sessions and yoga camps. Just 230 kilometres away from Delhi, you’d be surprised at how rewarding and rejuvenating this quick weekend getaway to Rishikesh can be.

3. Himachal’s Luxury Resort

While Himachal is one of popular places to vacation, it also offers an offbeat, relaxed holiday away from the crowd, in its luxury family resorts sprawling in the beautiful valleys. Pleasant early mornings, trekking, lakeside picnics and camping on the river side, if these tempt you enough, buy yourself time and relaxation at Himachal Pradesh and discover nature your own way.

4. Meghalaya

Head to Cherrapunji, the wettest place in Earth for those who have never been to this part of the country before, Meghalaya is the perfect destination for an introduction to magnificent North East India. Hills carpeted with tea plantations, little rivulets meandering here and there, a floating lake, peaceful monasteries and the wettest place on earth – Meghalaya has it all.

5. Bhutan

Tucked away along the North East border of India, this small country is fast becoming a major tourist attraction. From the peaceful monasteries to vibrant festivals, from a unique culinary style to exotic beliefs and practices, Bhutan is a different world altogether. A unique culture and pleasant climate wait to be enjoyed in Bhutan this summer. Also, Bhutan offers visa on arrival to its guests.

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