A Guide to Living Like an Aussie Local

28% of Australian residents are immigrants, revealing just how welcoming this nation is to foreigners. It is in the DNA and cultural history of the island. Many more people come as tourists to view the local culture, scenery, and wildlife, while others come on a working visa to contribute to the economy. Whatever your reasons for visiting, you will enjoy yourself more if you get stuck into  the Aussie way of life, so here are a few tips for coming across as a local.

Avoid the Cliches

There are a lot of stereotypes regarding Australian culture and the more you try to imitate them, the less Aussie you’ll appear. Just like Americans and Brits, Australians love their local brand names like  David Jones, Camilla, Carla Zampatti, Zimmerman, and Aje. They are more likely to be seen browsing these shops at the mall than wrestling a croc.
Furthermore,  Australians use the word “prawn” so don’t even think about throwing a “shrimp on the barbie” and you’ll be unlikely to hear “g’day mate” in any city. Behaving as you would at home comes across as more authentically Australian than trying to mimic the cliches you see in the films.

Complain About the Weather Over Brunch

If there’s two things Australians love, it is complaining about the weather and eating brunch. Both of these are continuations of British culture. An all day breakfast is preferred over having three separate meals, while the scorching hot summers is a genuine cause of complaint.
In winter temperatures can drop to 10ºC and Australians will complain about how cold this, while they continue to wear shorts and thongs (flip flops). Get stuck into to talking about these two things and you’ll fit right in to many daily social situations.

Be Willing to Have a Great Time

Australians are often relaxed and friendly, which might not be what you’re used to if you are from a  big city like London. When in Australia, fit in by sitting back and enjoying the ride. People will swear a lot, complain about the weather, and insult people from rival states, but it is all done in good humour. Enjoying yourself is the best way to feel like a local Aussie.
Aussies love foreigners and will welcome a Brit with open arms. By being relaxed and enjoying the local way of life, you will find it easy to fit in and make connections. Being able to adapt to the local culture allows you to enjoy the experience of new environments. Follow this advice and you’ll be feeling like a local Aussie in no time.

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